Board meals

“Board meals” is an application to track the use of board meals and guest arrivals to a meal. Exept for the arrivals of the guests of the facility, the application can record users of agencies.

The application loads all necessary information about the boarding restaurant through a simple login of employees and allows them customization by choosing the desired settings. If there is a card reader, it is also possible to bring in a Key Card that automatically updates the data about accommodation unit, agency or address.

The application contains a list of meals that are served at login time and if there are no prepared meals in progress, all meals that have a defined serving time in the system are displayed for selection.

pansionski obroci aplikacija

The guest list displays basic information such as first name, last name and age, VIP status, whether he is entitled to the meal, the amount of used meals, and the ability to choose the amount that guest can use. Additional guest information can also be viewed: arrival and departure date, ingredient, service code, assigned restaurant, marketing segment code, and agency name.

The application also provides a summarized overview report about used and remaining meals for guests and the data can be searched, filtered, sorted and edited in numerous ways.


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