MISH POS – cash register

“Cash register” is an application that enables invoice issuance and collection at points of sale (restaurants, bars, sports facilities, stores,…), and the creation of a cashier’s report and various other turnover and collection reports.

The cash register is integrated with the GAS system and provides optional automatic invoice entry from the register to the room invoice in REC (by entering the room number or via key card). It supports work with programmable keyboards and touch screens. The register can be connected to the central database or have its own database. It the latter case, it exchanges information with the central GAS system (price lists-traffic) via media (e.g. USB stick) or the LAN network.

MISH POS - Cash register for the Hotel and Catering industry

Basic functions:

System parametrisation and basic information

The special programme POS Manager is used to update the following information: system parameters, cash registers, operators (waiters) and their work rights (34 types of rights), collection places, places of service recording, means of payment, invoice parameters (header, footer, automatic order printout, domestic currency code, allowed number of printed invoice copies, permission to close the cash register in case of open invoices, automatic turnover transfer when closing a cash register,…), programmable keyboard configuration, touch screen menu configuration. Entry of the exchange rate for printing out a currency invoice.

Cash register work

  • Opening a cash register, closing a cash register and closure at the end of the day
  • Opening an invoice, entry and change of invoice items
  • Splitting an already open invoice to several invoices or tables
  • Connecting several open invoices or tables to on­e invoice or table
  • Paying of a part of invoice and applying discount
  • Entry of notes connected to an order/invoice and entry of comments to the kitchen/bar (e.g. rare steak)
  • Sending messages to remote printers
  • Printing invoices, orders and vouchers
  • Entry of invoice sub-items
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Calculation and printout of invoices in another currency
  • Invoice collection by various means of payment
  • Collection from the room invoice (in case of connection with REC)
  • Overview of open and collected invoices and orders and total daily turnover
  • Changing the method of payment
  • Creation of invoice duplicates (if permitted)
  • Cancelling an order and/or invoice
  • Transferring an invoice to another operator
  • Entry of the number of guests that consumed an invoice
  • Aggregate orders/collections/cashier’s reports
  • Saving credit card information


Turnover by places of service recording, daily or periodically
Sold items by operators and cost places
Tax calculation by tax groups or by means o­f collection, daily or periodically
Calculation of items spent, materially and financially, daily or periodically
Overview of invoices and collection items, and collection by users
Overview of cancelled and negative invoices, and discounted invoices
Overview of invoices printed out several times, or not collected
Control bar

*Cashier’s report for one operator or collectively, daily or periodically.

Other options

Simultaneous use of one cash register by several operators.
Operator registration by means of entering a code or via appropriate (electronic) identification devices (e.g. magnetic cards, contactless cards, fingerprints,…).
Several pri­ces per item (e.g. daily, night, representation, hot meal,…).
Choice of work on tables (several open invoices) and the bar (automatic invoice closure).


POS manager - Main screen

POS manager - Design tables

MISH POS - Funkcije

MISH POS - Artikli

MISH POS - Splitting invoices

MISH POS - Payment

Optional connections to other devices and information systems

Connections are established directly, via exit lists, floppy disks and communication lines.

MISH GAS – Gastronomy

Connection with MISH GAS (Gastronomy) enables the exchange of information about items, prices and realise­d turnover.

MISH REC – Front desk management

Connection with MISH REC (Front desk management) enables direct (online) invoice entry from the cash register to the hotel room invoice.


MISH POSW enables connection with the electroni­c system for registration and control of entry into well­ness centres, which includes automatic encrypting of bracelets – cards during the issuance of invoices for wellness service­s.

MISH POSt – Remote ordering via Android terminals

It enables the connection of remote ordering devices to POS via Android devices.


MISH POSO enables connection with the remote ordering sys­tem “Orderman”, which significantly accelerates the process of serving customers. Customers wait less, the waiter walks less, and more work is done by fewer waiters.


MISH POSPC enables payment at the POS cash register via the MISH PayCard.


If you need a mobile fiscal cash register, meet the simple solution: POSm.

To speed up the process of using classic cash register without running constantly from guests to the register, save your time by using the POS module for remote ordering: POSt.

To enable self-ordering POS items via mobile devices, implement: POS Self-ordering.