Quality management

ISO 9001 standard is a certification for quality management system established around the world.

According to our mission to improve the quality of business of hotel and catering companies, it was necessary to develop high quality information system.

misH system is harmonized with numerous international norms and standards in the field of tourism, as well as with Croatian legislation which makes it extremely reliable information system.

The company received the first ISO 9001 certification in 1998 and was one of the first in Croatia. The last certificate was obtained in 2015 as a confirmation that this is a product which continues to guarantee high quality work and is constantly improving and responding to rapidly changing market needs and technology trends.

A number of key functionalities important for operating an effective business, have been complemented for many years as a result of interdisciplinary work of numerous experts and scientist from the field of hospitality, catering, business organization and information technologies that are coming from various companies around Croatia and abroad.