“REC Self-ordering” is a self-service application for guests to help them view and choose additional guest services without having to go to the reception.

The application enables each guest to easily choose, select and add the services available in the accommodation offer (for example, rental of additional equipment, appliances, food, drinks, activities, accommodation for pets, …).

After logging into the application, the guest is provided with a list of available arranged services, the quantity and the period during which the selected services can be used. In addition to the overview, guest can also add services through the application independently. 

Your guests can now quickly gain insight into the additional guest services without having to wait in line at the front desk and enjoy the added value of your property carelessly.


Make it easy for your guests to check in and out with the following modern solution: Self-Check-in.

To enable self-ordering POS items via mobile devices, implement: POS Self-ordering.