“POS Self-ordering” is a self-service web application for ordering food, drinks and other products and services of the accommodation facility.

TThe application enables guests of the hotel and catering company to view the POS offerings on smart devices. It is possible to create and send orders for products and services at a specific location. Also, through the application, guests can call the waiter so they can choose how they want to complete their order.

Ordering can be from any area within the accommodation, like a room, mobile home, foyer, hall, table, or beach deckchair.

Your offer is now at guests’ fingertips, encouraging them to spend more while enjoying your property to the fullest. On the other hand, your employees are relieved, crowding is avoided and the process of ordering POS items is accelerated.



POS Self-ordering - Intro
POS Self-ordering - Menu
POS Self-ordering - Order Preview

How does POS Self-ordering work?

Hoteliers and caterers can use unique QR codes on stickers, flyers, or similar items, also for promotion. The QR code, generated from the POS Self-ordering system, should be placed at locations for enabling ordering and delivery. The QR code helps identify the request location and connect it to the right POS cash register. By simply scanning the code, guests are offered the appropriate assortment and other functionalities at their fingertips.

POS Self-Ordering Istra Tech - QR Menu; original source: / roungroat

When the guest scans the QR code with their mobile phone or tablet, the internal web application for ordering will open. After selecting the available languages, the guest will receive a price list of services and products offered at that location. By simply selecting items and quantities, the guest can create and send an order or call a waiter.

After the guest completes the final action, a visual and audible notification will appear on the POS cash register (and, if necessary, on all connected remote ordering devices). This notification informs waiters about an unclaimed self-order or an unanswered waiter call. For example, waiters can quickly see an order from room 105, from deck chair 56, or a call from table 23.

With a simple tap, the waiter (or any other responsible operator) takes the guest’s order at the POS cash register or on the remote ordering device. Once picked up, the order is processed like any other order.


For a better guest experience, modernize the selection of additional services for your property without contacting the reception: REC Self-ordering.