Order display – NEW

“Order display” is an application for increasing productivity and easier and more successful organization of the work of catering workers.

The modern software solution, in addition to a clear display for quick insight into current kitchen and bar orders on the kitchen monitor (large TV display or any screen of your choice), also enables the processing of orders on tablet devices.

The display shows all new orders in real time, including important notes that need to be taken into account, so chefs can automatically start preparing meals, bartenders can start preparing drinks, while waiters receive quick and accurate information about the status of each order.

The application can be run on all devices with a web browser, depending on the preferences and capabilities of each restaurant and it is no longer necessary to have printers in the kitchen.

Catering employees can do their job smoothly, accurately, meticulously and with more satisfaction, with great savings in resources and time.


Order statuses are simply updated on the go, and executors decide for themselves the order in which orders will be processed for the most comfortable and optimal way of working.

In addition to new ones, it is possible to view the history of past orders and track the time elapsed since the opening of an individual order with a special indication for orders that have been waiting too long.

Statusi zaprimljenih narudžbi brzo se i lako raspoznaju promjenom boja i ikona, a zahvaljujući mogućnosti mobilnog rada konobari su na vrijeme obaviješteni čim je narudžba spremna za isporuku.

The availability of all necessary information and efficient organization also enable guests to be served faster, the possibility of error is reduced and a top service and a positive evaluation of your catering facility is created.