Online (QR) menu – NEW

“Online menu” is a web application for viewing the digital price list of food and beverages via mobile devices.

It is a simple version of the Self-ordering application that allows guests to view the offer of POS products and services of the hotel and catering company without contact.

The application is a modern solution for all types of catering facilities. It opens with a quick scan of the QR code via a mobile device, at a defined location of the tourist facility. The complete offer is automatically in the hands of the guests. They review it at their own pace, and when they decide, they can call the waiter with a simple click, without leaving the deck chair.

POS Self-Ordering Istra Tech - Online Menu

The online menu contains a number of benefits for each tourist facility, and in addition to reducing contacts and crowds, that became especially important for security reasons during the pandemic, the complete guest experience is more pleasant and relaxing. On the other hand, tourism staff is also more satisfied. They have more time, can do their job with greater pleasure and the complete service of your facility is at the highest level.

Unlike classical price lists, the QR menu can be changed quickly and easily via the system, without any additional costs. Each company decides for itself how to present its products (for example, whether the price list will consist of the most basic information, or a series of attractive images of foods and drinks, details about allergens and nutritional value of products, special messages for guests, promotional description and images of the tourist facility…).

Whether you need a digital price list of an informative nature or you want your guests to order food and drinks on their own, digitally at the locations of your hotels, restaurants or bars, feel free to contact us.


Contactless ordering of POS products and services via mobile devices is possible with the application POS Self-ordering.

Implement the REC Self-ordering application for contactless selection of additional REC services of your accommodation facility.