miniREC – front desk management for small hotels and camps

miniREC is a software for front desk management for small hotels, hostels and camps.

miniREC is a Windows application (software) intended for use in family hotels and camps with a smaller number of accommodation units.

Unlike its “bigger brother”, the MISH REC application, miniREC was designed with the aim to be simple for installation, training, use and maintenance and affordable in order to meet the needs and possibilities of small hotels and camps.

The application enables work in single-user and multi-user environments (where several persons work on the same database on several different computers).
miniREC grafikon rezervacija

Purpose of the application – help front desk employees perform the following basic functions:

  • Entry and monitoring of reservations
  • Guest check-in and check-out
  • Management of an address book of regular guests and information on the stay of guests and the services they used
  • Guest registration at tourist boards and the police station
  • Invoice creation, printing and collection
  • Cashier’s report and creation of basic statistical and financial reports

Basic functions:

Basic information (codebooks)

The menu area BASIC INFORMATION (codebooks) is used to enter information that are generally defined once during system installation and rarely changed thereafter, and their purpose is to accelerate work. This includes the following codebooks: types of accommodation units in hotels or camps, types of guests, services provided to guests, types of services that can be used for reporting, tax groups, calculations types, types of payment that are available for invoice collection, payment accounts, codebook of countries, tourist statuses, currencies, types of accommodation facilities, border crossings, travel documents, types of visas. The following is also included: address book of regular guests, information on agencies, exchange rate list and price lists.


The menu area CAPACITIES contains information on accommodation units (rooms, camp units) and their status reports, as well as a housekeeper report.


The menu area RESERVATIONS contains programmes related to the entry, overview and updating of reservations, and printing reservation confirmations. The reservation confirmation is printed as an RTF template, and the customers can prepare reservation templates in different languages and print them or send them in an electronic form by e-mail on their own.

Front Desk

The menu area FRONT DESK is used for the majority of daily operational work of a front desk and includes the following: guest check-in, Front Desk – programme for the overview and update of guests, their services and other information on the guests’ stay, guest books (domestic and foreign), printing of books, printing of registration certificate and printing of application forms, registration at the police station and tourist board, invoice collection, cashier’s report and guest check-out. Reports: guest list, kitchen report, list of guests not checked out, list of services uncollected, list of invoices, list of deductions.


The menu area STATISTICS contains various reports: monthly report for the Bureau of Statistics (TU-11) and statistics according to: countries, agencies, tourist status and guest types. It is possible to export the statistical data into Excel for possible further processing in that tool.


miniREC - Pregled rezervacija

miniREC - Prikaz racuna

miniREC - Front desk

miniREC - Grafikon

miniREC - Promet recepcije

miniREC - Stanje smjestajnog objekta


Required hardware and software:

The miniREC application works on standard PC equipment with Windows OS, and the minimum configuration of the required equipment is as follows:

PC with Pentium at 2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 60 GB HD, XVGA 19 inch monitor,
Windows XP, 7 or 8 OS; antivirus software,
laser or ink-jet printer; UPS device,
Internet access for the purposes of fiscalisation, sending information to police stations and tourist boards, and remote maintenance