MISH REC – sales and front desk management

MISH REC is reception management software designed for sales and front desk management in various accommodations, including hotels, motels, campsites, and resorts.

Reception management software covers all business processes that are directly or indirectly related to sales and reception operations. It includes all steps, from planning and selling accommodation capacities to managing bookings and reservations. This is followed by check-in and check-out of guests, monitoring guest check-ins, stays and check-outs, as well as registration with the police station, tourist board and sending data to the Bureau of Statistics. It also includes the billing of services and the creation of various reports for operations and management.

MISH REC is an application used by various operational structures in order to increase the efficiency and accurateness in performing operational activities. This includes sales officers, receptionists, persons in charge of guest registration, cashiers, night auditors, bookkeepers, housekeepers, handymen, telephone operators and others.
Also, management uses MISH REC for planning, management, decision-making and control purposes. This includes directors of companies, hotels, marketing, sales, accommodation, food and beverages, head chefs, front office managers and others.

The application is harmonised with numerous requirements and standards in the field of hospitality and catering industries, including global ones (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry – USALI, International Organization for Standardization – ISO, etc.), national ones (defined by various laws, regulations, recommendations and other acts), and MISH standards developed based on thirty years of experience in working with over 280 accommodation facilities in Croatia.

Basic functions:

System parametrisation and basic information

Definition and entry of identification data, enabling the adjustment of the system to the needs and specificities of each individual company and accommodation facility. The following data is defined: organisational units, accommodation facilities, marketing segments, groups and types of accommodation units, customers (agencies and mediators), services and their components; arrangements, programmes, payment types, banks, payment accounts, currencies and exchange rate types, border crossings, travel documents, tax book columns and tax form items, income and journal items, bookkeeping and statistical groups of agencies, cash registers, rules for service and item entry; exchange rate lists; Multilingual names of: countries, currencies, marketing segments, payment types, types of accommodation units and services enable the overview and printout of these information in various languages.


It is possible to sell capacities of one or more accommodation facilities via central and/or distribution sales.

Sales planning and preparation

  • Entry of annual capacity sales plan (by days/months)
  • Entry of a short-term sales plan
  • Price list calculation and definition*
  • Creation of Microsoft Word templates for printing out offers, contracts and reservation confirmations in various languages

*Creation of price lists with the possibility to start with one basic price list and subsequently create other price lists through automated procedures, e.g. percentage or absolute increase and decrease in prices in relation to the basic price list, conversion of price lists from one currency to another with or without rounding.


  • Creation and monitoring of offers (allotment, groups, individuals…)
  • Creation and monitoring of pro forma invoices
  • Creation and monitoring of contracts
  • Creation and monitoring of camping site lease agreements (for camps)
  • Creation and monitoring of reservations and booking state (occupied and available capacities)

Reports and analyses

The application provides the operations department and management with numerous necessary reports and information: printout of price lists, lists of offers, contracts and reservations, accommodation unit status report, sold capacities report, etc.

Monitoring the booking state in real time.

In addition to monitoring the state of occupied and available capacities, the following is also being monitored: quantity of sold accommodation units, number of people (overnight stays), expected income and average prices. All the information can be additional analysed according to: accommodation facilities, accommodation units, agencies, mediators, contracts, marketing segments, countries and markets and sales degrees. The following sales degrees are being monitored: annual plan, offered, contracted, announced (optional), short-term plan, fixed announcement and realised.

Prognosis creation and analysis

Based on the information on current guest stays and announced and reserved capacities, the system creates a prognosis of sold capacities in the upcoming period. It is possible to create a prognosis for income (gross and net), average price (gross and net), quantity of rooms and people according to various criteria: accommodation facilities, accommodation units, marketing segments, agencies, countries, markets, journal items.

Guest archive and address book (with CRM elements)

Managing and searching guest and contact archive with the possibility of exporting data into Excel or Word (for e-mailing lists, surveys, congratulations, notifications, etc.)

Reservation and lease of halls and equipment

Analysis of statistical data on the stay of guests, as well as an overview and analysis of financial data and indicators. Information on overnight stays, arrivals, departures, and occupied rooms can be obtained according to various criteria: accommodation facilities, accommodation units, agencies, mediators, contracts, marketing segments, countries and age groups and programmes.

Front desk

Front desk (check-in, monitoring stays and check-out)

Guest check-in and automatic service opening
Updating the guest book and transfer of data to the police station and tourist board
Report creation (reception form): guest arrivals, stays, departures,…
Updating information about guests and their costs (transfer of guests, prolonging and shortening of stays, entry of new costs, sharing and combining invoices,…)
Kitchen report printout (daily, weekly, for a defined period), for the housekeeper and handymen
Graphic representation of room occupancy – tree diagram
Charging for services and creation of cash and non-cash accounts
Guest check-out and cashier’s report creation
Invoice creation for received advance payments
Keeping records of contracts with credit card issuers and creating calculations for card issuers

Financial, statistical, managerial and other reports

Creating an accommodation department income plan and business plan
Turnover journal
List of invoices issued and incoming invoices from cash registers
List of deductions and used advance payments
List of unpaid costs
Book of outgoing invoices
Overview of guest arrivals and overnight stays (by countries, marketing segments, agencies, current/comparative year)
Overview of accommodation department performance indicators (occupancy, average prices, average length of stay…)
Automatic creation and sending TU-11 forms in PDF form to the Bureau of Statistics


Information displayed on all screens can be simply exported to MS Excel. Beside being displayed on screen and printed out, all reports can be sent by e-mail or saved as various file types (PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML, XML,…). Certain information from offers, contracts, reservations, guest archives can be exported to Word templates.Use of an appropriate data transmission network enables operators from each individual facility (depending on their

Use of an appropriate data transmission network enables operators from each individual facility (depending on their authorisation) to review and update reservations in any other facility within the network.

The central sales department can use the data transmission network to review, update or download certain information on facility booking and reservations for further processing (e.g. for Yield Management or CRM).

Creation of backup copies of information.

Other possibilities and options

It is possible to establish connections with other information subsystems directly, via outgoing reports and by means of appropriate media and communication lines (the Internet).

A part of information (invoices, journal, guest information,…) is forwarded via communication lines (the Internet) for the purpose of further processing in other information systems (finance and accounting department, central sales, police stations, tourist boards,…).

MISH REC - Prikaz rezervacija

MISH REC - Front office

MISH REC - Ponude i ugovori

MISH REC - Predračuni

MISH REC - Guest book

Upon customer request, interfaces for electronic connection and data exchange with other systems (B2B, B2C,…) can be created.

Optional modules with REC:

MISH PRO – Central sales

This module is installed at the central level of the company and enables central sales for multiple accommodation facilities equipped with REC.

MISH MAR – Monitoring marinas through REC

A software add-on that enables the monitoring of smaller marinas that are part of hotel companies and have around 100 berths at most.

MISH RECP – REC connection to POS cash registers

Automatic entry of invoices from the cash register to the guest’s room account: consumption of food and beverages, commercial goods, sports, wellness and other services.

MISH TCO –  REC connection to the telephone switchboard

Automatic entry of a telephone call to the room account, turning the telephone on/off automatically, automatic wake-up, updating room status via telephone, charging for mini bar consumption to the room account via telephone and other functions supported by a telephone switchboard.

MISH PTV – Connection to PayTV systems

Automatic entry of the Pay TV service to the room account, sending messages and the hotel invoice to the TV in the room and other possibilities,…

MISH KC – Connection to key card and intelligent room systems

Enables the connection of REC with certain key card and intelligent room systems (hereinafter: KC-IR).

MISH PC – PayCard – payment with a company card or key card

Module for non-cash payment on MISH POS points of sale within a hotel/resort/entire company and entry to the room account. Loyalty system.

MISH INT – Connection to Internet access control systems

Automatic entry of the guest’s Internet traffic to the room account.

MISH PI – REC connection to travel document scanners

Automatic entry of guest information from the scanned travel documents into the MISH database.

MISH OTA – MISH connection to OTA booking systems

Enables reservations entered into the online travel agency (OTA) booking system (or those from other GDS, IDS,…, channels into the Phobs system) to be automatically copied into the MISH REC system.

MISH LOY – Customer loyalty program

A software add-on designed to create, implement and monitor customer loyalty program.

MISH KPP PRO and REC– Key performance indicators for PRO and REC

They enable a graphic representation of key performance indicators of the sales and front desk business activities.

MISH DW PRO and REC – PRO and REC Data Warehouse

MISH KONKA – Mobile web application for camp controllers

MISH MAPKA – Camp map

MISH SC – Self-Check-in

MISH SO – Self-ordering

MISH SUP – Consent management system

MISH DOM – Hotel housekeeping