MATmob is a mobile web application for managing material business documents.

The application includes functionalities related to the review of input, transition and output documents and inventory documents. It can run on any device with a web browser, as well as on devices with built-in barcode readers.

The MATmob application enables the entry of material business documents, updating of existing input documents (e.g. receipt, return, initial balance), transitional and output documents and inventory management, and all documents can be filtered by cost place and date.

MATmob aplikacija - ekrani

Items can be easily searched by code and name or scanned via barcode, and since the inventory item list is saved to the device, item records can also be done offline, while Wi-Fi access is required to confirm the inventory.

In the last step, before saving the inventory, it is possible to review the entered items, add members and the chairman of the commission and, if necessary, the desired note.
In addition, the running inventory can be postponed or deleted, you just need to continue it on the same device and web browser with which it was started.

MATmob_Inventory Review

MATmob_Barcode Reader
MATmob_Items Overview