Business programme for hotels

Modular and efficient solution for complete business management of hotels that can be easily integrated into the existing environment.

MISH is a software solution intended for complete business management of hotel facilities. It is simple to use and easily adaptable to different hotel categories, sizes and needs.

MISH hotel management system

MISH hotel management system

MISH is a software solution for the management of small, family hotels, as well as demanding, big hotel companies with the need for simultaneous management of several separate accommodation facilities. The MISH hotel management system is a set of software modules that are implemented so as to adjust to specific needs and demands of each hotel owner or manager. This enables it to follow the development of the hotel and adjust to all its needs and stages.

Key advantages

  • Automation of internal processes of all hotel departments
  • Scalable solution adaptable to the needs and size of a hotel facility
  • Possibility of including and excluding different modules according to customer wishes
  • Possibility of connecting with other systems
  • Quality customer support and continued solution development

Main functionalities

Property Management System (PMS) includes complete business management of the reception, booking system, management of sales and marketing, management of food and drinks, human resources and salaries, cash register, finances, etc.


As part of the MISH hotel management system, we implement essential program modules for efficient hotel business management upon request. Among the most popular solutions are modules MISH REC for front desk management, MISH GAS for gastronomy management and MISH POS cash register software for tourism.