Business programme for hostels

Modular and efficient solution for complete business management of hostels that can be easily integrated into the existing environment.

MiniREC is a software solution that enables simple front desk management for hostels. It adapts to their specific demands in a simple manner and offers a wide range of functionalities that follow and support this type of business.


MiniREC business programme for hostels

The MiniREC software solution includes all the functions necessary for running a hostel business. This hostel management software handles reservations, guest check-in, invoice collection (with fiscalisation), and various reports.

Reservations, business management, fiscal cash register for hostels

Key advantages

  • Scalability and adaptability to customer needs
  • Quality and reliability of products and support
  • Simple implementation
  • Compliance with the existing laws and regulations

Main functionalities

Hostel management software includes the basic functions of a small accommodation facility front desk. This includes the entry and monitoring reservations, guest check-in and managing the address book of regular guests. It also enables managing information about a guest’s stay and the services they used, registration of guests at the tourist board and the police station, creating, printing and collecting invoices. In addition, the software supports guest check-out, cashier’s report, and creating basic statistical and financial reports.