ISTRA TECH partner of the project “Virtual hotel”

On Wednesday, September 08, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management started business cooperation with the companies ISTRA TECH and LogIN, through the project “Virtual Hotel”.

The aim of the project is to enable students, through the theory of best business practices, to work on advanced applications and prepare them, in advance, for the labor market.

The Faculty Learning Program, has included cloud ERP VIRGA and MISH GAS applications, integrated with the world-renowned Opera PMS solution.

ERP VIRGA + MISH GAS include back-office processes adapted to the hotel industry, such as material and catering business, accounting, finance and controlling, while Opera PMS in this project covers the processes of sales, front desk and housekeeping management.

The signing of the cooperation agreement was attended by the Dean prof. Sandra Janković, Vice Dean for Development, Associate Professor Marinela Krstinić Nižić and Associate Professor Dubravka Vlašić, CEO of ISTRA TECH, Davor Brenko, and on behalf of Login Ltd. CEO Davor Slavić, Member of the Management Board Dunja Vladislović and Head of Business Development, Gorana Bardak.
Virtual hotel 2021/2022

This way, students will have the opportunity to master the entry of incoming invoices and connection with material receipts, acceptance of sales – accommodation, food and drink, acceptance of material consumption, payment transactions – preparation of digital payment orders, bank statements, VAT calculation, accounting, USALI reporting and financial and accounting reports.

All costs of the project covered implementation, education and rights to use ERP VIRGA Cloud and MISH GAS applications licences for the first year, will be financed from the funds of ISTRA TECH Ltd. and Login Ltd.

Thanks to this project, the new academic year (2021/2022) will enable students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management to acquire digital skills in hospitality and help them become more competitive in the labor market, and this is certainly a great example of another successful regional partnership.