14. 01. 2013.

Online booking through website

The Internet and the Web are being confirmed day by day as the most important tools for selling tourist facilities. The intensive development of the Internet and its general acceptance by citizens and the business world have enabled access to information to be expected immediately.

05. 11. 2006.

Foreign software, yes or no

Analyzing the work of foreign and domestic software in hotel companies in Croatia, it almost regularly happens that those who use foreign software (even the highest quality), have far more problems and far fewer benefits, compared to companies that use the highest quality domestic solutions.

05. 03. 2006.

Information system for hotel and catering companies

The information system (IS) and its importance for the enterprise can be compared with the nervous system and its importance for living organisms. The more complex the organism (enterprise) and the environment in which it operates is, the more complex the nervous (information) system is needed to survive in nature (the market).