24. 01. 2022.

ARM architecture and Oracle

ARM ISA processors are no longer used “only” for mobile phones and tablets, but also for server computers (even supercomputers) and laptops/desktops.
Apple has also switched from Intel to ARM on Macintosh computers.

19. 10. 2021.

Do cows eat grass?

The topic is the covariance of non-generic parameters in the languages PL/SQL, C ++, Eiffel, Java, Scala, Kotlin (except PL/SQL, the order of other languages is the order of their occurrence).

08. 10. 2021.

HrOUG 2021

The 25th jubilee HrOUG conference will be held from October 12 to 16.

30. 10. 2019.

Functional paradigm and databases

The paper contains a review of functional and logic programming, and to get some ideas from functional programming may be applied to database programming.

30. 09. 2019.

HrOUG 2019

The 24th HrOUG Conference will be held from October 15 to 18, organized by Croatian Association of Oracle users.

25. 07. 2019.

Structural complexity of algorithms

At the beginning, the lecture compares Von Neumann’s computer model with today’s architecture. The story continues with mathematical discoveries that have influenced the theory of algorithms…

28. 09. 2016.

HrOUG 2016 conference

HrOUG 2016 conference will be held from October 18 to 22, organized by Croatian Association of Oracle users.

05. 11. 2015.

Return to the Prologue

Today, we are witnesses of the popularity of multiparadigmatic programming, i.e. simultaneous use of several programming languages that belong to different paradigms (object, function, logical…), or the use of programming languages that cover several paradigms.
However, the logical paradigm is becoming increasingly interesting (once again).