06. 09. 2023.

Prolog and “classic” artificial intelligence

The paper briefly introduces the Prolog programming language and its foundations in logical programming and mathematical logic. Prolog, along with Lisp, has been widely used in symbolic AI and remains among the top ten most commonly used languages for AI in general today.

23. 02. 2023.

How to debug Forms programs

The topic of the paper is debugging the Forms program with the author’s comparison of the use of different versions of the Forms debugger.

23. 02. 2023.

Ant and honey on the prism and cylinder – part 2

After an interesting concept of a mathematical game in which it is necessary to determine: “What is the shortest path between an ant and a drop of honey?”, the author encounters more mathematical secrets…

22. 02. 2023.

JDBC and Oracle database

Although Java developers often use Object-Relational Mapping tools (e.g. Hibernate) to work with the database, it is useful to know “lower access”, i.e. JDBC.

27. 06. 2022.

Covariance and seven OOPLs

The topic is the covariance of non-generic parameters in seven OOP languages: C++, Eiffel, Java, C#, Scala, Kotlin, Swift (the order is from oldest to youngest).

24. 01. 2022.

ARM architecture and Oracle

ARM ISA processors are no longer used “only” for mobile phones and tablets, but also for server computers (even supercomputers) and laptops/desktops.
Apple has also switched from Intel to ARM on Macintosh computers.

20. 10. 2021.

How can a hotel housekeeping management application help during a pandemic?

The hotel housekeeping is one of the key departments in the organizational structure of the hotel. Hotel room represents a temporary home for every guest, and the home is a place where everyone should feel safe and comfortable. This has particularly came to the fore now, during the global pandemic.