FOUR FROM III (4 PL / SQL types from the company Istra informatički inženjering)

In 1988, Oracle released version 6.0 of its relational DBMS. As part of database 6.0, a new programming language -PL / SQL (Procedural Language extensions to the Structured Query Language) has appeared, which was created as a procedural supplement to the (declarative) SQL programming language, in order to facilitate the programming of “mission-critical” business applications .


The paper presents four PL / SQL types.

The first PL / SQL type shows how dynamic reference cursors can be used in Reports, which can be a substitute for Reports lexical parameters.

The second PL / SQL type shows how documents can be generated (guaranteed) without holes in the numbers, for it does not limit the bandwidth of the system.

The third PL / SQL type indicates a possible problem with the simultaneous use of method overload and polymorphism.

The fourth PL / SQL type shows how the timeout of a session trying to make an INSERT can be time-limited, but it cannot do so.