101 PLSQLTIPAC (5 PL / SQL types from the company Istria information engineering)


The paper presents five PL / SQL types.

The first PL / SQL type is a recursive function that allows tables (bases) to be sorted by FK dependency, without the use of a temporary (auxiliary) table.

The second PL / SQL type shows how a ref cursor variable whose record structure is not known in advance, can be used.

The third PL / SQL type shows how collections can be (indirectly) used in the Reports module.

The fourth PL / SQL type shows how, despite what is written in the Oracle PL / SQL manual, it is still possible to create an UPDATE of an individual element of the VARRAY collection through pure SQL (without PL / SQL).

The fifth PL / SQL type shows the use of new (from database 9.0) ANYDATA / ANYTYPE data types and new features (from database 9.2) of the INSERT / UPDATE record variable (both used in the example to solve “generic” INSERT) .