High competitiveness on the JVM

This paper provides a comparison of concurrent programming in Java in relation to Scala.


For quite a long time now, the Java virtual machine (JVM) has been able to execute the programs that were not originally written in Java, but in a different language which can be translated into Java bytecode. Such languages as, for example, Jython (the JVM version of the Phyton language), JRuby (the JVM version of the Ruby language), Groovy, Scala, Clojure, and Ceylon (in development), are Java’s competitors on the JVM. On the other hand, today, in the era of multi-core microprocessor chips, it is very important that a computer language should support concurrent programming. Ever since its beginnings, Java has been supporting concurrent programming, but this support is not without flaws. Since its version 5, Java has undergone significant improvements in the area of concurrent programming. However, the more recent programming languages Scala and Clojure support the concurrent programming in an even easier way.