Business programme for currency exchange offices

Certified solution for managing the operation of currency exchange offices.

MISH MJE is a certified solution for managing the business of currency exchange offices on behalf of the Croatian National Bank (CNB). It is designed as a protected computer programme for authorised currency exchangers and covers all the functions prescribed by CNB.

exchange office

The system enables the automation of internal processes, ensuring the provision of a faster, better and safer provision of exchange office services to users.

Transactions and exchange rate lists for currency exchange offices

Key advantages

  • Automation of internal processes
  • Compliance with the existing laws and regulations
  • Quality and reliability of products and support

Main functionalities

Defining information about a currency exchange office, banks, transaction types. Entering, viewing, changing and printing exchange rate list information, transactions and currency conversions, recapitulation when issuing receipts, generating reports, sales. Reports