Business programme for the catering industry – restaurants and bars

Flexible solutions tailored to the needs of selling food and beverages and to different types and sizes of catering facilities.

MISH GAS is a complete software solution for managing business activities of catering facilities and the sale of food and beverages. The possibility of its connection with various external systems makes it a reliable solution for managing the business of many restaurants, bars and clubs.


The modularity of the software system enables fast adjustment to different needs and demands, as well as easier procurement, monitoring, distribution, stock level and charging for food and beverages.

Storage information, stocks, financial indicators for the catering industry

Key advantages

  • Automation of internal processes
  • Scalability and adaptability to different needs and sizes of catering facilities
  • Compliance with the existing laws and regulations
  • Quality and reliability of products and support

Main functionalities

Encompasses the process from the receipt of food and beverages, over their storage and processing, to their issuance. The system offers the most important information about entry, exit, stocks, costs, income and profitability, and various other statistics and financial indicators about the food and beverage department operation.