MISH MJE – currency exchange transactions

“Currency exchange transactions” is an application certified by the Croatian National Bank as a protected computer software for authorised currency exchangers.

MISH MJE covers all functions prescribed by CNB and a range of additional functions that complement the basic functionality and enable easier operation.

Basic functions:

System parametrisation and basic information

Defining information about a currency exchange office, banks, types of transactions, countries, operating parameters, authorisation, travel documents, currencies, payment instruments, types of cash registers.

Currency exchange rate list

Entry, overview, changing and printing the exchange rate list information. Possibility of receiving the exchange rate list in an electronic form (e.g. via Internet or the MISH REC sub-system).


Entering, viewing, changing and printing transactions, currency conversion in the purchase of foreign currencies. Overview of the cash register state by operators.


Entering, viewing, changing and printing transactions, currency conversion in the sale of foreign currencies.


Calculation and printing of daily and periodic recapitulation, list of valid and invalid purchase receipts.

Reports and overviews

Cash journal, daily cash register, purchases journal, sales journal, specifications, real state, OBO specification, transactions, purchase and sale report, cash register state, actions,…


Cash register closure, creation of a backup copy of information. In case of connection with the MISH REC system, there is a possibility of automatic download of information about guests from REC.

misH MJE - blagajnicke transakcije

misH MJE - tip transakcije


misH MJE - tecajna lista

misH MJE - valute


misH MJE - specifikacija strane gotovine

misH MJE - blagajnicki dnevnik