MISH business ERP system

MISH is a software for the informatisation of processes and activities in production, service provision, marketing and tourist company management.

MISH – Modular information system for the hospitality and catering industries, our most significant product, is a software package for managing complete business of hospitality and catering companies, which belongs to the group of so-called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

The MISH software modules are used in more than 280 different accommodation facilities (hotels, hostels, tourist settlements, camps, health resorts…) and a range of restaurants and bars, in over 100 hospitality and catering companies across Croatia.

MISH is based on the Oracle and Windows technology and consists of a range of software modules that can function completely independently from each other or be integrated in a unique company information system (ERP).


MISH is a software for the informatisation of processes and activities in production, service provision, marketing and tourist company management. It was started in 1986 for the needs of the tourist industry in Istria, with the main goal of delivering the right information to the right place, at the right time, and with minimal costs, thus increasing efficacy and accurateness in performing operational activities and enabling support to managers in planning, control, management and decision making (MIS and DSS).

MISH is now available on the VIRGA Cloud infrastructure called VIRGA MISH.
VIRGA MISH Hospitality facilitates the management of numerous departments of tourist facilities, such as sales and reception, exchange offices, sport, wellness, catering, financial management, personnel and controlling, and since it is a Cloud solution, it is possible to access all the applications in every moment and any location.

Our solutions have helped many companies to significantly increase their business efficacy and productivity, enabled better quality of monitoring and control of processes and operation, led to significant business savings and opened new earning opportunities.


MISH includes all business processes and departments in tourist companies: from marketing and sales of tourist capacities, front desk and currency exchange operations, material and financial monitoring of procurement, processing, storage and sales of food and beverages in restaurants and bars, to the so-called common departments such as bookkeeping, personnel records, salary calculation, administration and control.

modularity Modularity

The whole system is modular. Each module, consisting of a set of software solutions, hardware and communications equipment and appropriate personnel and organisational requirements, covers a specific business segment of the company and can function independently from other modules. As a result of combining modules in accordance with the wishes, needs and capabilities of end users, a unique company information system can be built.

quality Quality and reliability

Thanks to the characteristics of the MISH system, the number of its users has been constantly increasing and today it includes over 200 accommodation facilities in about 70 tourist companies in Croatia.

openness Openness

The system’s openness with regard to the choice of hardware, software and communications equipment enables the selection between different manufacturers, depending on the price and desired quality.  You can choose among different operating systems. The applications themselves can co-exist and exchange information with the solutions of other manufacturers.

adaptability Adaptability

Parametrisation of certain system elements enables the adaptation of MISH to various types, categories and sizes of companies and their business organisation methods (openness with regard to the organisational solutions).

support Support

Internet access enables internal employees or business partners to provide users with continuous high-quality and complete support in their work with the MISH system.

development Development

MISH is continuously being improved and updated in order to meet all the organisational, technological and legal changes that have an influence on it. In addition to internal employees, external experts and users themselves (executives, technologists and operators) participate in the development of the software. This kind of interdisciplinary team work accounts for top quality results.

standards Standards

The system is harmonised with numerous tourist requirements and standards, including global ones (Uniform System of Accounting for Hotels, ISO, etc.) and national ones (defined by various laws, regulations, recommendations and other acts), and MISH standards developed based on many years of experience in working with over 280 accommodation facilities in Croatia.