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We have been using the application for currency exchange transactions provided by ISTRA TECH (ex I.I.I.) since 2004 and there have been no major problems in its operation.
It contains all the prescribed functions that we need, it is constantly updated according to legal changes, and we are particularly satisfied with the support (though we rarely need it).

Daniela Saina, Owner
Activa travel d.o.o. Pula

After only one season of using the software, we are pleased that the decision to start using MISH proved to be a good one.
The system proved to be very stable, which enabled the performance of all processes without any delays.
We are also pleased to say that support was available at all times and that the staff answered all our questions with great competency.

Milan Udovičić, Director
Adria more d.o.o.

We have been using the software support provided by Istra Tech since 2005, and we have been cooperating successfully with them since 2002.
As we are a company offering different types of catering facilities and operating in different types of destinations, it is extremely important for us to have a user-friendly and unified system for the operative segment of our facilities' business, as well as simple accompanying records with quality unified reports.
The focus on further use of Istra Tech's information system for business purposes is not limited only to its stability and efficient user support, bur primarily rests on constant and systematic adjustment to customer demands and legal changes.
This sort of approach almost makes this software support a custom-made system, even though it is widely used in different catering companies. We at Jadran hoteli d.d. do not see a serious competitor for Istra Tech's Mish.

Gordana Zec, Director of Finance