Contactless check-in and check-out solution for hospitality. Više informacija

REC Self-Ordering

Independent (contactless) selection of additional services from the tourist facility offer. Više informacija

POS Self-Ordering

Mobile (contactless) ordering POS products and services from any location of the accommodation facility. Više informacija

Housekeeping application

Modern solution for effective housekeeping management. Više informacija

Klijenti o nama

After only one season of using the software, we are pleased that the decision to start using MISH proved to be a good one.
The system proved to be very stable, which enabled the performance of all processes without any delays.
We are also pleased to say that support was available at all times and that the staff answered all our questions with great competency.

Milan Udovičić, Director
Adria more d.o.o.

Istra Tech, our partner of many years, is a synonym for professionalism, excellent user support and the development of stable, user-friendly applications.

Slavica Bulatović, informatics department

We have been using the application for currency exchange transactions provided by ISTRA TECH (ex I.I.I.) since 2004 and there have been no major problems in its operation.
It contains all the prescribed functions that we need, it is constantly updated according to legal changes, and we are particularly satisfied with the support (though we rarely need it).

Daniela Saina, Owner
Activa travel d.o.o. Pula