Webinar: Digitization in campsites

On Thursday, May 13, the Croatian Camping Union is organizing a webinar for its members on “Digitization in campsites: innovation and new technologies with practical implementation in campsites.”

“Self-everything – how can guests perform the tasks by camp staff to their own satisfaction”, is a presentation that will be held as part of the webinar by the CEO of ISTRA TECH, Davor Brenko.

Certain processes that until recently were performed by the camp staff, digital technologies are transferred to the guests themselves, to their joy and satisfaction. Traditionally, receptionists are the ones who check-in and check-out guests and collect bills. On the other side, guests wait in the crowd with others, have to get up or leave earlier, waste their precious time and all this makes some dissatisfied.
Waiters generally visit the tables and while they explain some guests what is offered, they also collect orders and collect bills… In the same time, other guests are waiting for them, which slows down the service and reduces the turnover of tables, and if additional waiters are hired, business costs increase.
This presentation will show how modern digital technologies are changing all of the mentioned for the benefit of campsites and guests, but also help in the current fight against the Coronavirus.

A more detailed schedule of this event is being prepared.

Time and place: 13 May 2021 ONLINE

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