Some object features of Oracle PL / SQL 9i language

Comparison with OOPL languages C ++, Eiffel and Java


In 1997, Oracle Corporation announced new version of his DBMS, called Oracle 8.0 Object-Relational database. PL/SQL programming language (as well as SQL) was upgraded with new “object” features. But Oracle 8.0, and the following Oracle 8i version with Java capabilities, did not have all expected and important object features e.g. inheritance, overriding, polymorphism. During 2001 all that features are added in Oracle 9i. In the article are shown some object features of Oracle PL/SQL 9i R2 programming language but without SQL object features (how to work with transient and not with persistent objects is shown). So comparison PL/SQL with other popular object languages (C++, Java, Eiffel) is possible.