SHIFT Conference

The largest conference for computer programmers in Southeast Europe will be held from 07 to 08 September.

The jubilee 10th edition of the SHIFT conference will bring together numerous developers, representatives of the IT sector and the largest global technology companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

More than 200 startups and 60 top speakers from the field of software development will present in front of key people from the industry and numerous visitors from the region and around the world.

This year, the conference was taken over by the largest Croatian IT company, Infobip, with the aim of positioning the conference as the best developer conference in Europe and beyond.

The conference can be attended live and online, and all visitors even if they are not able to physically participate will be able to join the program via the Infobip Shift application and communicate with each other.

Find out more about the conference program, tickets and more below.

Infobip SHIFT Conference

Time and place: 07 to 08 September, 2021. Krešimir Cosic Hall, Zadar