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Personnel Entry and update of employee personal records Salary calculation   Preparation and entry of work records (manual, transfer from DES, transcript from archives) Processing membership fees and days off Calculation of points and control Incentive calculation (overview by employees and sales places, viewing annexes) Entry of point value (current, entry or calculation of the […]


Entry and update of employee personal records


Registration/De-registration (for pension and health insurance)
Certificate of termination of employment and salary
Average salary certificate
IP form (Salary and retirement benefits report)
Employment contract and annexes (word)
Templates – Word
Notice of contract termination

Overviews and reports

Employee personal records, Overview of the number of employees, Deduction coefficients, Employee membership fees/retentions
Additional employee skills, Balance of hours by: PD, processing, months, Annual leave (AL), AL by years
Overview of hours by months, WP groups and WP groups for DW, Work places, WP groups, WP groups for DW
Required and real systematisation, Employees by professional qualifications, type of employment relationship (ER), age, organisational unit (OU), years of service
Number and list of employees by work places and groups of work places, Personnel fluctuation
Overview of Unique Master Citizen No. (JMBG), List of employees by: PD, M, with WP, for HM, with contract expiration, by systematisation
List of children, List of employee birthdays, Overview of employee years of service and active years of service
Personnel fluctuation, Jubilee awards, Years of service, transfers, …, Retiring employees
Possibility of creating own reports, Annual leave (AL), Preparation for AL, Viewing AL plan
AL entry and viewing AL solutions (Word), Calculator 1 (days off (DO), AL) and 2 (AL, DO), Rulebook, RS and GŽ table

Salary calculation


Preparation and entry of work records (manual, transfer from DES, transcript from archives)
Processing membership fees and days off
Calculation of points and control
Incentive calculation (overview by employees and sales places, viewing annexes)
Entry of point value (current, entry or calculation of the new value)
Calculation of point amount, contributions and retentions
Transfer order creation


Saving processing results

Overview of saved processing results and saving processing results
Current salary cancellation
RAD-1G form (Monthly report on employees and on salaries paid)
Personnel fluctuation (K009) – RADI_2
Employees by ER type ( KR03) – RAD1_3
Salary by scale – RAD1_5, Salary by professional qualifications – RAD1_6
Employees by age (KR04) – RAD1_8, Employees by professional qualifications (KR02) – RAD1_9
Work hours – RAD1_10

Other forms

M4 form (Information about years of service and earnings)
ER-1 form (Salary certificate) ER-1 b
VON form
Certificate of termination of employment
Average salary certificate
Tax deductible premiums MET
Salary (and retirement benefits) report on media
Request for tax card issuance


Main recapitulation, ID form (Report on receipts from employment, income tax and surtax, and contributions for mandatory insurances), TMP form (Report on paid compensations for material rights of employees), Monthly report on employees and salaries (RAD-1), Bookkeeping order financial, Contribution recapitulation, Recapitulation for the Payment Transactions Institute (ZAP), Salary and contribution recapitulation and Contribution recapitulation for benefits RS form (Specification of insured persons and calculated and paid contributions, income tax and surtax)


Retention transfer orders – creditors, employee retentions, creating retentions by work types, retention list by creditors, viewing and deleting retentions, Manual accounting entry, Payments from other employers, Control checks

Overviews and reports

Lists of: salaries for the bank, retentions, membership fees, voluntary contributions, participations, tax and surtax
Viewing the pay envelope and/or sending to an e-mail, Cash specification, Creation of entry orders
Difference and compensation pay sheet, Creating files for electronic transfer or delivery of salary information to banks, Overview of transfer orders, work records, periods, R-S form, hourly wages, coefficients, tax calculation year, Daily and monthly list of work records, Printing out forms for entering work records, List for entering evaluations, Recapitulation of salary, tax, contributions, transfer orders, for the Financial Agency (FINA), Bookkeeping order for FIN, SPL form (Statistical report on payment of salaries)
Viewing transfer orders at the HUB form (payment order), Aggregate order saved as a file for copying onto MEDIA or sending, Overview: by WT, of requested WTs, employees without WT, Stimulation control list, Archives of ER and tax, average salary, average points, tax calculator, calculation of average hourly wage, overview of processing, payment months, planned work hours, point value, R-S form archives, ER archives, Recapitulation by PD (total/average salary, salary and compensation, hours, plan realisation), by status from r. and s., Average salaries by po qualifications, Pay sheet with retentions, Average salaries by PD, by TJ, by PD and TJ, by WP, by PD and WP, Recapitulation of salary by months by PD, Average salary by qualifications and by professional qualifications, Salaries and number of employees by work place groups, Recapitulation for statistics, Total/average salary, Average hourly wages, Overview of hours by months, Overview by WT, List of employees with extended years of service, IP form and IP form for period, Annual tax calculation
List from tax archive, Salary list from archive, Overview of salary FROM-TO
List of contributions paid to MIO II (II pillar of pension insurance), List of membership fees/retentions, Participation list
Pay sheet with retentions, Balance of hours by processing, months, AL

DES – Daily records of work hours (optional)

DPS – Daily planning of work hours (optional)

Daily entry of the business hours plan for own and other OUs, Daily entry of hours and participations plan
Initial hours plan entry, List of weekly plan and business hours and hours realisation, Hours worked by months, Seasonal workers with the date of using DO and AL