MISH HRM – human resources management, salaries and personnel

“Human Resources Management” is an application for keeping personnel records and salary calculation which is primarily used by the officers and managers of the HR departments.

Basic functions and options:

Parametrisation and basic information

System parameters, system access permits, company information, organisational units – places of duty (PD), work places (WP), work types (WT), typical jobs (TJ), salary grades and groups, point values (PV), income types, taxes, contributions, banks, deduction coefficients, types of membership fees and retentions, voluntary contributions, municipalities and local communities, counties, posts, vocations, invalidity, overviews/exchange rates, R-S form tables, purposes of certificates (for R601B), bookmarks (word),…

Personnel records

They contain complete employee personal records with all the necessary personal data of employees and information necessary for salary calculation. Additionally, information on family members, chronology of work promotion, and information on beneficial years of service can be recorded. Various lists and reports according to different criteria (by organisational units, professional qualifications, sex, systematisation overview, etc.). The application can also be used to prepare and print out all the documents necessary for the registration and de-registration of employees and many other employee-related documents.

Salary calculation

  • Enables the entry of parameters used to adjust salary calculation for each individual company
  • Definition of specific work types and choice of a calculation algorithm
  • Net to gross / gross to net calculation and several payments in a month (difference, advance pay, salary)
  • Different point value by organisational units, multiple repeating of processing
  • Automatic creation of a salary bookkeeping order for entry into MISH FIN

The processing includes: calculation of contributions, tax and surtax, membership fees, credit retention, creating and viewing bank transfer orders, credits, contributions, membership fees and tax and surtax, viewing all the necessary reports, pay envelopes, bank lists, retention lists, salary recapitulation by accounts and work types, recapitulation of contributions, ID form, form (tax and surtax), RSM form, listing the M4 form (pensions), employee tax cards, salary account, average salary, creation of various statistical and financial managerial reports.


Creation of backup copies of information (backup and restore)


misH HRM - Kadrovska

misH HRM - Tjedni plan


misH HRM - Prosjecne satnice

misH HRM - Dnevni trosak


misH HRM - Evidencija rada

misH HRM - Mjesecni pregled sati



Note: MISH HRM was formerly entitled MISH KOD.<7p>


Optional modules

MISH DES – Daily records of work hours and DPS daily planning of work hours

As an option, this module can be connected with the systems for electronic control of work arrival and departure.

MISH UGD – Calculation of temporary service contracts, authorial, supervisory board and dividends

MISH KPP – Key performance indicators for KOD

They enable a graphic representation of key performance indicators of the food and beverages department.

MISH DW KOD – Data Warehouse for KOD and DES