MISH DOM - hotel housekeeping

“Housekeeping management” is an application designed to support staff members of the household department (maids, supervisors, hosts, maintenance masters) of accommodation facilities.

The application enables a better organization of the department’s work and can be used on desktop computers, as well as on mobile devices, so employees can view their tasks on the go and communicate easily with other staff members/departments (monitoring cleanliness and accommodation occupancy, reporting and troubleshooting, tracking lost/found…).


Basic functions:


Definition and entry of basic information important to use application functions, and it is also possible to retrieve master data from external systems (REC), as well as subsequent synchronization.


Definition of cleaning statuses of the accomodation units, accommodation occupancy and cleaning statuses of common areas in the facility.


Reporting of failures/repairs, assigning tasks, monitoring repairs and requests in the accommodation unit or in the common space.


Monitoring the minibar consumption, including an overview of the consumption per accommodation unit as well as data entry about its consumption for an individual accommodation unit.


Recording data about lost and found items in a particular accommodation unit.

Borrow items

Recording data about borrowed items to guests of the facility or external parties.

Washing laundry

Recording data about the collected laundry for hotel washing service.


Possibility to review useful information for the work analysis and planning resources in the form of various graphs and tables. Depending on the type of application user, different types of employees have insight into the appropriate reports, with the possibility to filter and summarize the data.
The Dashboard displays the current status of an object and some of the available reports for the modules “Cleaning” and “Maintenance” are listed below.

Reports for the “Cleaning” module

graphical representation of the total number of clean units filtered by type of cleaning and the employee/employees
graphical representation of the average time spent filtered by type of the accommodation unit, by type of cleaning and by employee/employees
table representing the time spent for assigned accommodation units and days with data about employee, type of cleaning and norm cleaning

Reports for the “Maintenance” module

graphical representation of maintenance issues by statuses and accomodation facility
graphical representation of the time spent for the type of maintenance service and the number of reported failures
graphical representation of the average time needed to processing applications by type of maintenance service
graphical representation of total and average time to repair the reported issue by employee
table representing the time spent on solving each reported issue
table containting data about used materials during the maintenance service by each individual employee







Optional connections

MISH REC – sales and front desk management

Enables retrieving status information from MISH REC and sending updated statuses within the DOM application back to MISH REC.