Order display – COMING SOON

In the new version of the MISH system for autumn 2021 arrives a new web application which enables catering staff to easily and quickly organize their work with guest orders, is coming soon.

Order display makes it easier to connect the kitchen and waiters, enables more efficient way of working while saving time and materials, reducing stress (especially during crowds and working with multiple orders at the same time) and ultimately, it contributes to create professional service and a positive guest experience.

Order Display Istra Tech; original source: rawpixel.com

It can run on any device with a web browser, so it can be displayed on a large TV display for quick insight into current orders, or it can be used on tablets on the go to easily update the status of order processing and meal preparation.

Especially interesting is the possibility of tracking the time elapsed since the opening of the order so that guests do not have to wait too long and adding various important notes that catering staff should take into account.

More information coming soon…