MISH and ADAC Camping Award

Brand Camping Cres & Lošinj is the winner of the prestigious award for an innovative digital solution created in cooperation with partners ISTRA TECH, TRI M and Phobs.

In Stuttgart, as part of the CMT 2024 tourist fair, Camping Cres & Lošinj, along with Camp Čikat was honored with the recognized ADAC Camping Award for the interactive map project, which represents a revolution in digitalization, offering straightforward and user-friendly solutions that streamline the process of booking a camping vacation.

The interactive map by Camping Cres & Lošinj developed with its partners, uniquely integrates ISTRA TECH’s MISH front desk management application, the sale of accommodation units according to a precisely determined number of availability in real time, with contributions from TRI M in development and Phobs d.o.o. for the online booking engine.

Kamp Cikat ADAC Camping Awards
Camp Čikat was declared the best in the „ADAC camping booking“ category, and with advanced digital solutions, it brings a fresh perspective to booking a camping vacation.