JavaCro & HrOUG 2023

Excellent conferences are coming, which will bring together numerous Java and Oracle enthusiasts and experts from all over the world…

The Croatian Java User Association and the Croatian Association of Oracle Users are organizing two well-known and anticipated conferences this year: JavaCro i HrOUG.

Zlatko Sirotić from ISTRA TECH will join the conferences with lectures: “Java and Prolog: There is some (semi)secret connection” and “Immutable and blockchain tables in Oracle 19c”.

Besides series of interesting lectures, the program also includes informal socialization through various fun activities (concerts, quizzes, social games…), which is a great opportunity to meet colleagues who share similar interests and exchange professional experience.

JavaCro 2023

Time and place: 15 to 20 October 2023 Hotel Istra, Red Island (St. Andrew’s Island), Rovinj