How can a hotel housekeeping management application help during a pandemic?

The hotel housekeeping is one of the key departments in the organizational structure of the hotel. Hotel room represents a temporary home for every guest, and the home is a place where everyone should feel safe and comfortable. This has particularly came to the fore now, during the global pandemic.

The new epidemiological situation has created new specific requirements for all hotel and catering departments. Compliance with these requirements is no longer the result of the overall reputation of tourist facilities and guest satisfaction ratings, but it has become essential for them to work at all.
When choosing accommodation, hygiene rating of the facility has always been a key factor, however, the possibility of implementing new epidemiological measures require additional time, financial and human resources in order for hotels to open.

Hotel housekeeping application ISTRA TECH

The hotel housekeeping management application allows employees and heads of household departments and maintenance masters to more easily, quickly and efficiently perform and manage all tasks within the department, monitor current statuses, receive clear and concise reports, special requests and comments from guests and in that way communicate with each other, all without direct contact or with the minimum possible contact (which has now become another condition for secure operational business).
The application additionally works great also with other software solutions that can be implemented in the business, thereby expanding the range of hotel services and products to complete the experience and satisfaction of each individual guest.
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