Dear users of our software,
For the purposes of harmonizing our software with the Law on Fiscalization in Cash Transactions, which enters into force for caterers on 01.01.2013. year, we are completing the changes that we will install in the period from 17 December 2012 to 28 December 2012.

In the week before the installation, we will present changes in the software related to fiscalization at our headquarters in Pula. You will be informed about the exact dates of the presentation and installation in a timely manner.

Last week, we sent detailed written instructions to the authorized persons of the companies that use our software and who informed us that they will work over the New Year about the necessary preparatory actions that they can already (and should) do. If you have not received such instructions, please contact us.
We point out two preliminaries that you need to do, as soon as possible:

1. Obtain production application certificate from FINA
– for MISH, one per company (OIB), is enough.
2. Ensure the connection of MISH servers and stand-alone payment devices to the Internet:
– Required open TCP ports according to CIS tax administration system 8449.
– The required speed of the MISH server to the Internet depends on the amount (simultaneously) of invoices issued from toll booths connected to that server.

Useful links:

Law on Fiscalization in Cash Transactions

FINA webpages about fiscalization
Pula, 03 December 2012.