Benchmarking of the Croatian hotel industry

The project holder Benchmarking of the Croatian hotel industry (BHH) is the Faculty of Management in the hotel and catering industry from Opatija, and the partners are:

  • Association of Employers in Croatian Hospitality (UPUHH), which is in charge of promoting the project among its members, and
  • Istra information engineering (III) from Pula, in charge of technical support of the project.

The goal of the project is to establish a uniform system of measuring and comparing hotel business results at the level of the Croatian hotel industry, as is the practice in most of our competing countries.

Key business indicators for comparison

Three sets of key data and hotel business indicators to be compared have been defined, based on the world standard Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry version 10.

1. a set of key business indicators will be monitored on a daily basis
(e.g. overnight stays, arrivals, revenues by key departments, etc.).

2. the data set will be monitored on a monthly basis
(basically summarized data from the daily level with the addition of the cost side by departments and employment data).

3. the data set will be monitored on a semi-annual or annual basis
(e.g. balance sheet, guest satisfaction, employee satisfaction, motivation,…).

Hotels that join the BHH system will enter their data via the Web or submit it electronically to the BHH central database. Then, through a special web reporting system, hotel managers will have an insight into performance of their hotels, in relation to the highest and lowest values of other hotels in the system, and no hotel will be able to see the original data of another hotel.


Davor Brenko,

“Catering and tourism, 10 – 11 / 2010”